Choosing a Cutter
Choosing a type of cutter is usually a matter of choice. Some people prefer different cutting mechanisms over others, based on their smoking preferences and convenience. I personally like a punch cutter much of the time because it is clean, gives you a nice small whole to funnel the smoke into your mouth (like a pyramid or figurado but with any cigar shape) and is part of my favorite lighter. The downside is that unless you carry it around with you they are hard to find and they are hardest to clean. No matter how hard I try, the cut cap always seems to get stuck in the cutter. Guillotine cutters seem to be the favorite of most as you'll find them most anywhere that you'll find cigars AND they can be quite inexpensive. Thay also work much better on pointed cigars (torpedos, figurados and pyramids) than punches. Their downside is that since they cut across the head of the cigar; if you don't cut it right, you might find the cigar wrapper unrolling on you as you enjoy your smoke. Others prefer V-Cutters or Scissors but in either case, unless you buy a really good one and get rid of it when it looses its edge, you'll just end up mushing up your cigars. However, if you smoke REALLY THICK cigars, you may find these may be to your liking.

Guillotine Cutter
The guillotine cutter can truly require some level of skill if you want to cut your cigars the proper way. The intended way to cut your cigar with a guillotine cutter is not to take the whole cap off at a 90 degree angle. Rather, you should leave about half of the curve of the cigar intact. Also, you should not cut all the way through the cap. Start by piercing the tobacco on the cap and then slowly rotate the cigar until you remove the cap. This should be done very carefully. By doing this you can get away with not destroying the construction of the cigar, as the cap is where cigars are finished off.
Another method is to cut off the entire cap at a 90 degree angle. It is best if you use a double blade guillotine but if you must use a single blade cutter make sure it is sharp and clean as a dirty blade can damage the cigar.

Punch Cutter
The punch cutter, also known as a bullet cutter, is the easiest way to cut a cigar. Invest in a sharp one as it will only make your life easier. To cut your cigar with a punch cutter, just gently push and twist the circular blade until it is about an 1/8th of inch deep and then pull it out. If you like a larger opening, you have two options. You can use the Metamorpho punch cutter that comes with 3 different size cutter built into one, or you can use your regular punch cutter and make as many overlapping cuts as you like. Typically two or three is the most you will need.

Scissors can be difficult to use and should be avoided unless you are very experienced or you have an extremely sharp pair and cigars to practice on. Cut about as far down the cap as you would with a guillotine. You'll find that if you hold the cigar against one blade and make a quick snap of it, it will work fine.

Basically you place the cap of the cigar into the holder and cut away. The blades MUST be sharp and your cut confident or you will just end up mushing your cigar.

What are you kidding? You think this is a spaghetti western? This went out with nickle cigars years ago. You are better off using a key or other sharp instrument and poking a hole in the end like a Punch Cutter does than risking destroying your well deserved smoking by tearing it apart like you're in a Sergio Leone film.

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