The Cajun Black Story 
(Something New Under the Sky)

Cajun Black -- McClelland is proud to have been selected as the first pipe tobacco manufacturer in the world to work with this exciting new leaf. We have created three blends using Cajun Black which was developed by Steve Coley who has over 30 years of experience in growing and processing leaf tobacco, including Perique. 

Cajun Black derives from Virginia seed brought to Southern Kentucky long ago to grow in that fertile, heavy soil where it was crossbred to create the finest leaf used for dark fire-cured tobacco. It is stalk-cut and hung over slow-burning hardwood slabs in a three-to five-step smoking process for two to three weeks until it turns a deep chocolate color and achieves fire-cured's distinctive smoky flavor. Then this top-grade dark fire-cured leaf is subjected to a year of Perique-style hard pressing and fermented in oak barrels. 

Cajun Black has the smoky flavor of dark fire-cured tobacco, the mysterious richness and truffle-like pungency of Perique, the hint of sweetness from its Virginia heritage. It is cool-smoking, full-bodied and burns well -- characteristics that make it a classic blending component. 

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