Acid Cigars... Why not be a little different? The folks at Drew Estates aren't afraid of not coforming to standad definitions of cigars. Their Acid line of premium flavored cigars is case in point.

By blending old world tobacco experience with a dash of daring they've come up with this enormously popular line of cigars. Each of the Acid cigars has it's own distinct aroma and flavor, delivered through precise application and infusion of herbs, oils and other elements.

Acid One is the only cigar in the Acid line that is not an aromatic cigar. You can enjoy the tastes of the fine Cameroon wrapper around Nicaraguan tobacco that has been cured in 5 different red wines and not tip off to those around you your little secret.

Acid Blue, our most popular of the Acid line of cigars, is also known as Acid Remi. Cigars like Kuba Kuba, Wafe and Blondie (as well as others in this line) are considered to be mild cigars that are infused herbs, oils and botanicals to create not only an aroma that is pleasant to those around you but tastes great to boot!

Acid Gold cigars, aka Acid Holistic, are much more subtle in their flavor and aroma derived from a secret blend of herbs that are infused into the tobacco.

Acid Red cigars are billed as being what you would expect from something with a red label. A warning to those not ready for its powerful flavor and strength. The flavor and aroma may be too much for the more timid smokers but those willing to give it a try will surely enjoy this experience!

Acid Purple line of cigars is also known as the Acid Juggernaught. You might say this embodies Drew Estate's attitude toward the cigar industry with their flavored cigars: unstoppable! While the size and flavor of the Extra Ordinary Larry lives up to the Juggernaught title, the mild Roam and petite C-Note cigars are not quite the powerhouses that the name implies.

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