TSA Drops Ban on Lighters in Carry On Luggage!
Unfortunately, there are a number of restrictions on this so please read the article linked to above for the full scoop!
How many times has this happened to you? You get to the airport only to find you've left your favorite torch lighter in your bag or briefcase and you are faced with losing your treasured friend? Or, you are constantly buying new lighters everywhere you travel in the US only to throw them away at the end of the trip?
Unfortunately, the TSA and other security restrictions on what you can carry with you where aren't going away so protect your posessions with one of these fine cases. We used the Tranzpacks to protect some limited edition Zippo lighters to our contacts in Turkey recently and we encountered no problems with them in our checked luggage. So before you travel, make sure you get one of these to protect your "old flame" from those who would confiscate it.
** REMEMBER: These are only good for use in CHECKED luggage. You still cannot carry torch lighters onboard commercial aircraft.**

Kgm Lighter Pouch - 01
Kgm Lighter Pouch - 01
Price: $9.00 

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