Butane fuel (refined) for the best results! 

Just gas for you car, there are higher and lower grade butane fuels on the market. The difference is the purity or refinement of the gas. The cheaper butane found at the drug/grocery store is unrefined and therefore has many impurities that will clog your premium lighter. In our experience, we've found that more than 85% of the butane lighter problems that come into our shop are related to the use of poor quality butane fuel or fluid. 

That is why we ONLY sell premium refined butane fuel and we recommended it for all butane lighters rather than the cheap drug store butane. It’s triple-refined and reduces contaminants that cause clogged burner valves and misfires.  

How to properly refuel your butane lighter:
Always bleed your butane tank before refueling. This will release all the compressed air that has been left in the tank after the butane has been used up. If you don't bleed the air out of the lighter's fuel tank, that air will displace the amount of butane fuel the lighter can hold. This is a big cause for lighter that don't light or "sputter". Bleeding the lighter first, ensures that the proper mix of butane and air is maintained in the lighter for a perfect light every time. 

To bleed the butane from your lighter, turn your lighter upside down and using a small screwdriver depress the refill valve on your lighter. Let all the air and butane escape. Make sure that you always bleed your butane lighter tank away from any flames. 

Butane and Lighter Fluid are ONLY available in the Continental US and are shipped via UPS. 
If you select a shipping method other than UPS for your order, any remaining items will be sent via your selected method and you will be charged for seperate shipping of the fuel via UPS.

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