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Mac Baren Dark Twist pipe tobacco

Mac Baren Dark Twist pipe tobacco

Mac Baren Dark Twist pipe tobacco

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Mac Baren Dark Twist pipe tobacco - 3.50 Tin

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Mac Baren Dark Twist pipe tobacco

Dark Twist was introduced in 1955. It is rightfully the most known of the Mac Baren Roll Cake tobaccos. Whole leaves are used as wrapper for the rope and the inlay is divided into two groups. 

The first group contains 100% pure Virginia tobaccos, meaning that the whole leaves are used as wrapper leaves and the leaves with small imperfections are used as the inlay. The second group contains whole Virginia leaves as wrapper and Dark Fired Kentucky as inlay, meaning you see the dark tobacco in the center and the brighter Virginias around it.

After the tobaccos have been spun into ropes it is stored for weeks and then cut into small coins. The blend of Dark Twist is broken down as follows. For every 2 coins of Virginia tobacco there is 1 coin with a center of Dark Fired Kentucky. Like most of our spun tobaccos, water and maple sugar are boiled and added to the tobacco. 

This is all we add, so the taste is very natural with the interplay between the natural sweet Virginias and light sour and smoky flavor from the Dark Fired Kentucky perfectly blended to create a natural tobacco taste. 

Choose Mac Baren Dark Twist pipe tobacco for a fresh, flavorful smoke every time you light up.

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