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Grand Oriental: Classic Samsun pipe tobacco

Grand Oriental: Classic Samsun pipe tobacco

Grand Oriental: Classic Samsun pipe tobacco

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Grand Oriental: Classic Samsun pipe tobacco - 50g Tin

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Grand Oriental: Classic Samsun pipe tobacco

Samsun grows in the Black Sea Region of Eastern Turkey. McClelland has secured the finest Samsun Maden-Canek leaves. They are small, thin and elastic with a mellow, pleasant, distinctive aroma. Their sweet taste is like the sweetness in a nut meat or sunflower seed. They come from the hinterland of Samsun, mainly to the west of the Yesih Irmak River delta where the climate is very similar to the best Macedonian and Thracian growing areas. Samsun and all classic Oriental leaves are packed one-by-one as they ripen, like flue-cured Virginias. If picked too soon so that the sap remains in the leaf during air and sun drying, the sugars will evaporate with the sap. If allowed to ripen too much on the plant, the leaf will be dry and shatter. Tobacco farmers of the classic Samsun growing areas have elevated these harvesting and curing processes to high art. In this blend, taste what comes of 350 years of experience. 

Choose Grand Oriental - Classic Samsun (50g) for a fresh, flavorful smoke every time you light up.

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