All about meerschaum pipes and our selection of the finest meerschaum pipes in the world, imported directly from Turkey by IK Meerschaum, importers of fine Turkish, hand-carved meerschaum pipes for over 30 years!
About Meerschaum and Meerschaum Pipes
Why Meerschaum Pipes?
Meerschaum has been called Venus of the Sea, White Goddess and White Gold and is considered the aristocrat of smoking substances. Long before briar was used in the production of pipes for smoking tobacco, meerschaum was the material of choice for the finest pipes in the world. And it still is!
We are offering for sale the world's finest hand-carved Meershaum pipes direct from our workshop and master carvers in and around Eskisehir, Turkey (where the world's finest raw Meerschaum comes from). IK Meerschaum has been importing Meerschaum pipes and other Meerschaum products for over 30 years now and intend to continue this tradition well into the future online and through our local retailers who carry our pipes.
Since every Meerschaum pipe is hand-carved, you will end up with a work of art that you can be proud to hand down from generation to generation. If you are interested in learning more about the composition of Meerschaum pipes as well as see a short video on the mining and carving process, Click Here.
Follow these links to learn more about the care of your new pipe, how and why Meerschaum pipes color and how to break in your new Meerschaum pipe.
Our Current Specials on Meerschaum Pipes
Medium Skull Meerschaum PipesLooking for a fun new meerschaum pipe? We are offering a 10% discount on our Medium Skull Meerschaum Pipes.
The Medium size pipes are approximately 5" in length, 1.75" wide and 2" tall. Each pipe comes packed safe and secure in it's own velvet-lined, custom fitted case. The size of these pipes make them ideal for short smoke or for those just starting out in pipe smoking. They also make a great "break" pipe.
Our Top Selling Meerschaum Products
  1. Fimo Mini Meerschaum Pipes 
  2. Claw Mini Meerschaum Pipes 
  3. Viking Mini Meerschaum Pipes 

Our hand-carved meerschaum pipes are categorized primarily by size from mini being the smallest, then working upwards through medium, regular, deluxe, special and extra special normally being the largest. In some cases, extra special and special pipes, if master carved, are designated as such not on their size but on the complexity of their design. All pipes with the exception of the mini pipes come with either a fitted case unless otherwise specified in the item description. Some of the larger pieces and many of the master carver pipes come in display chests. If you are looking for a point of reference, the Regular sized pipes are about the size of a standard briar pipe.
Signed, Master Carver meerschaum pipes
Deluxe Hand-Carved meerschaum pipes
Medium Hand-Carved meerschaum pipes
Carve Your Own Meerschaum Pipe Kits
Special Hand-Carved meerschaum pipes
Regular Hand-Carved meerschaum pipes
Mini Hand-Carved meerschaum pipes
Meerschaum Churchwarden Pipes

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