Our custom pipe tobacco blends have been pleasing Southern California smokers for generations. Now, these blends are being made available to you, our Internet customers. Whether your preference is for English, Virginia, Burley or light Aromatic style blends, we should have a blend to fit your desires. 

Please note that all of our tobacco blends come in 2 oz. and 8 oz. zip lock bags.  (not tins)
Is youy local pipeshop with your OWN blend no longer in business? Unfortunately this is a fact of life these days as many forces are joining to cause a decrease in pipe shops around the world. We can help! Give us a call at 949-830-7110 and talk to "mix-master Tom" about building a blend that is specific to you.

Confused about what blend will be best for you?
Check out our top ten best sellers list (in order of ounces sold this year) :

  1. Treasure Chest
  2. Black Velvet
  3. My Pleasure
  4. Cambridge
  5. Golden Glow
  6. Cherry Ridge
  7. Cimmeron
  8. Vanilla Fudge
Still can't decide?

Why not try one of our samplers? Each sampler includes 1 ounce packages of 5 different blends and is available for Light Aromatic smokers as well as one for English tobacco smokers.

The Light Aromatic Sampler I includes Black Velvet, Cambridge, Cherry Vanilla, My Pleasure and Treasure Chest while the Light Aromatic Sampler II includes Butter Rum, Cherry Ridge, Coastal Cruise, Ebony and Vanilla Fudge.

The English Sampler I includes Balkan, Old Tavern, Silverado, Traditional English and Grider's English Delight while the English Sampler II includes Arcadia, Balkan's Best, Bostonian English, Evening Glory and Rise of Dawn.

You can browser through the tobaccos at the bottom of this page or use these links to browse the types of tobaccos that you prefer:

Burley Pipe Tobacco Blends
Burley Pipe Tobacco Blends
English Pipe Tobacco Blends
English Pipe Tobacco Blends
Light Aromatic Pipe Tobacco Blends
Light Aromatic Pipe Tobacco Blends
Virginia Pipe Tobacco Blends
Virginia Pipe Tobacco Blends
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